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About Robert (Bob) Franklin

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Born March 29, 1953 on a Sunday afternoon at 03:33 PM at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio as Robert (Bob) Franklin Menear. Bob also has an older sister by the name of Susan and an older deceased brother by the name of Timothy. Bob's ancestry is French, British, Irish, German and Native American Indian. While living in Dayton around the age of four or five Bob told his grandmother on several occasions that he was someday going to put all of the sick and old people in the hospital, and make them well and young again. Back then Bob guessed he could figure out a way to become immortal here on planet Earth because he estimated that he could live for at least seventy-five years or more which should be enough to accomplish that kind of a long-term task. At the time Bob's parents lived directly across the street from the Dayton VA Medical Center in west Dayton on Liscum Drive which had numerous tomb stones in the national military cemetery on the same property which probably inspired Bob's long-term immortality goal.

A few years later Bob's parents moved to Kettering, Ohio just south-east of Dayton where Bob's parents lived across the street from a company that designed miniature flying drones. At the age of seven Bob was welcomed to visit the company across the street any time to talk with the engineers who worked for the drone company and he was even able to visit the designers while they worked at their drafting tables to review the new drones they were designing.

In 1963 Bob and his friend Phil in Columbus, Ohio manufactured custom skateboards in Bob's parents' garage, and sold them to a small store located on High Street in Worthington, Ohio for several months. It should be noted that the idea of skateboards originally began in Southern California by surfboarders along the coast in the late 1950s. Shortly afterward Bob started making custom minibikes and go-karts.

Some time either in 1963, 64 or 65 Bob was interviewed by the country singer, and actor Jimmy Dean on a local TV show at the Ohio State Fair while standing in the crowd.

In 1965 Bob won first place in the Cubs Scouts Pinewood Derby at Sharon Elementary School on Foster Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. Also, in 1965, Bob won a Columbus, Ohio Columbus Dispatch regional paperboy new customer sales contest. The prize was a weekend trip visit to the Fort Knox Army Base and Bob also had lunch in a military mess hall, and an overnight stay at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. The next day Bob and other winners of the contest were able to see the outside of the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

In 1972 Bob was introduced to the world famous acting coach Lee Strasberg who had an actors studio in Hollywood, California. Back then an actor friend and mentor by the name of Robert Gunner thought Bob would make a great actor, model and singer. However, back then Bob said he would prefer to be a real-life actor instead. Bob may very well have been a household name today if he had gone through with those things. Back then there was something in the back of his head telling him to hold off on all of it. If he had said yes, then he may have never written the science book and novels today which are very important, and people may understand why after seeing them in print.

In 1972 or 73 Bob was a contestant on the popular television program called the Dating Game Show, but he did not win.

In 1973 at the age of twenty Bob enlists in the US Air Force; however, on a Saturday two days before being sworn in and going to boot camp, the US Congress stops the draft. Consequently, Bob decides not to go through with joining the US Air Force.

In 1975 or 1976 Bob was the escort for the Queen of the Artists and Models Ball located at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, California.

In 1975 Bob began writing songs, recording music, singing, and playing the guitar for himself in professional recording studios.

In 1975 Bob became a California licensed electrical contractor and started a company called Bob Franklin Electric.

In 1976 around the age of 23 a friend who was the conductor of the Warner Brothers Recording Studio band in Burbank asked Bob to come into the studio and then he would have his orchestra record a couple of Bob's songs after he heard two songs that Bob had written, and recorded, with him singing and playing the guitar. Like a stupid idiot again, he said no. When Bob was in his teens and early twenties his voice was in its prime. Some people say Bob missed his calling in music.

In 1977 Bob became a licensed armed burglar-fire alarm company owner-operator and formed a California corporation called Franklin Security Systems. Throughout the years while in the alarm business Bob worked for numerous famous Hollywood movie stars, musicians, singers, comedians, writers, directors, politicians, etc.. In 1978 Bob formed another California corporation called Franklin Signal Corporation to counter new company with the same name in Clear Lake, Wisconsin who was manufacturing burglar-fire alarm equipment. Prior to then Bob was already building custom security devices-systems and selling them to his clients. At the same time Bob was installing microcomputers in the form of digital communicators for his central station monitoring customers.

Back in the 1970s Bob unknowingly decided to "
Take The Long Way Home" like the 1978 song goes by the rock band Supertramp. There was something rolling around in the few cubic centimeters of Bob's brain holding him back. He could not figure out what it was at that point in time because he had forgotten about his childhood dream of immortality, and the promise he had made to himself years before.

In 1979 Bob in Van Nuys, California worked on converting a pickup truck to be a battery powered vehicle. At the time Bob called the pickup truck the Volt. After six months Bob gave up on the idea because back then batteries were not efficient enough to be practical. Coincidentally, around the same time General Motors called Bob's burglar alarm company Franklin Security Systems to provide them with an estimate to install an alarm system in General Motors manufacturing plant that was also located in Van Nuys, California. Two decades later General Motors started building a car called the Volt.

In 1981 Bob retitled a song to Franklinstein that he originally wrote in 1977 titled We Can Live Forever that was religiously inspired by the song Dust In the Wind by the band Kansas. Oddly, in 1981, the City of Los Angeles increased the fees for hardwired smoke alarm permits in an emergency city council ordinance by seventeen-fold in which Bob's alarm company lost about $65,000.00 in today's currency rate due to the sudden change. To this day Bob figures the Franklinstein song was the main reason for the sudden increase due to all of his employees, the very loud alarm systems he would install, the famous influential people Bob knew and worked for, and because Bob would sometimes carry small firearms to respond to burglar alarm calls. Bob Franklin was also in a real street fight with Robert Gunner (a Marlboro Man model and actor) listed above that may have contributed to the 1981 incident. As a matter of fact, the street fight ended up two times in the middle of Doheny Drive between Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard. Doheny Drive separates West Hollywood (formerly Los Angeles County) and Beverly Hills. Cars driving up and down Doheny Drive stopped to watch us slugging it out in the middle of the street. Robert Gunner resided in a community served by LA City councilman Zev Yaroslavsky. Zev Yaroslavsky who served on the Los Angeles City Council from 1975 to 1994, is one of the last, if not the last, remaining city council member who worked for Los Angeles City when the city council passed the egregious emergency ordinance that is now illegal in the State of California. Interestingly, Zev was thinking about running for mayor of Los Angeles City in 2012, but pulled out of the race for some unspecified reason, except for him implying that he is getting to be too old. After Bob heard about Zev's plan to run for LA City mayor, then Bob said he was going to meet with Zev's opponents to inform voters about the 1981 incident if Zev continued to run for LA City Mayor, but Zev quit before Bob had a chance to do so. See LA City Spying listed below.

In 1983 a person (Doug Wadhams) who was producing Bob's songs in a professional recording studio said he should send Bob's songs to several record companies. But again, Bob said no. That producer went on to have a successful career in music with the 1984 song "Obsession" in the band Animotion in which he sang the lead male vocal. In the song Obsession they sing "But I See Danger," but to Bob it sounds like "Bob I See Danger." The song Franklinstein and the robot Frank Jr. Bob was working on in the 1980s did create a lot of controversy.


In 1984 Bob introduced Frank Jr. the Robot short for Franklinstein. Unfortunately, that idea again went over like a lead balloon back then. The following year in 1985 during the Super Bowl XIX football game the television commercials that aired in Los Angeles during the game were not funny like they are today because instead they were just downright frightening! Like in the previous year in 1984 during the Super Bowl XVIII football game Apple Computers ran their famous "Apple 1984 Commercial" and then again in 1985 during the Super Bowl XIX game. And in 1985 Bob's Big Boy Restaurant also got into the action that Super Bowl Sunday by running a commercial in which it asked for its customers to "Vote, should he (Bob) stay or should he go." And then Pacific Telephone, who is today AT&T, also got into the act that Super Bowl Sunday by running a very scary commercial in which they stated "This talk about people becoming robots is a dead issue. People who talk about us becoming robots, don't trust them." And even the televangelist Jimmy Swaggart got into the action earlier that Super Bowl XIX Sunday morning in which he repeated the same exact message as Pacific Telephone.

A year later Bob responded with a radio commercial titled the Franklin Security Franklinstein Radio Commercial in which he pretended to be running for US president in 1988. The radio commercial was extremely well produced, using the Franklinstein song as background music while also using some of the special effects from the song to make it sound very realistic. The radio commercial was played off and on for two years on the radio, especially around Halloween, which totally freaked people out, including the DJs. Several radio station DJs would sometimes play the radio commercial free of charge because it was so good and they would even make comments about how well the commercial was produced. For years afterwards people considered Bob to be an outsider who may one day run for US president.

The idea for the title of the song was inspired from a scar Bob has on his forehead that looks very similar to the scar on Doctor Frankenstein's monster's forehead. The idea for the new title was also inspired by the word stein in Albert Einstein and Doctor Frankenstein's last name, and by Benjamin Franklin for his work with electricity, and, of course, partly because of Bob's middle name, Franklin.

During the 1980s Bob felt like some people were trying to make him appear to be the antichrist when the opposite was actually true. There is a medical condition that some people suffer from called the "Frankenstein Complex" coined by Isaac Asimov in at least one of his robot novels which means a fear of mechanical men. A novel titled I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov, is about the fear of robots. And of course, the Frankenstein Complex is also about the fear of Doctor Frankenstein's monster. To this day Bob can envision a future with new technology from having prior years of experience in the field of electricity, electronics, security and now today in physics. Bob back in the 1980s and even today represents change, and from personal experience Bob has learned many people are fearful of change and those who implement it.

Some time between 1984-1985 Bob was in a recording studio recording a song when Bob said something ridiculous to the recording studio engineer while the tape was rolling. Bob thought what he had been talking about in the studio between recordings sounded pretty stupid, so Bob said "Yeah, yeah that's right" to acknowledge the stupid statement. Afterwards, the recording studio engineer had a funny look on his face after Bob had made the statement. Interestingly, six months to a year later a comedian started saying "Yeah, yeah that's right" in his comedy acts. Years later out of curiosity Bob went to a website at and asked the following question: "Does anyone know what comedian made the catch phrase "Yeah, yeah that's right" popular in the mid 1980s?" The reply Bob received was as follows: "That was Barry Sobel. You may have seen him on Bud Friedman's Comedy At the Improv. He was also in Revenge Of the Nerds II. He had a particular set, which he dubbed "Fine." It had things like, "Yeah, yeah, that's right. There are white guys out there with big d**ks. OK, fine!" He was a bit vulgar for my taste, but he had a modestly large following." The aforesaid is an alleged hypothetical assumption without any proof, so Bob cannot say for sure if the recording studio engineer had talked with the comedian who was also based in Los Angeles at the time.

Some time between 1984-1985 the rock 'n' roll singer Eddie Money called Bob asking for directions how to get to a popular Hollywood night club that he was going to be performing at later that day. Eddie mentioned he would give Bob free tickets for that night's performance if Bob would provide him with directions. Bob knowing he was being played jokingly told Eddie he did not need instructions from him for how to get to the club, so Eddie went on to say how he use to be a New York NYPD police officer before becoming a popular recording artist knowing Bob was in the armed burglar alarm business. It was a fun conversation that lasted for about ten minutes.

Around 1986 the rock 'n' roll singer Peter Gabriel released a song called Big Time where in the beginning of the song there was the words "Hi There" in the intro and also in the ending that sounded exactly like Bob's voice that may have been taken from Bob's business telephone answering machine or made to sound exactly like the intro of Bob's answering machine used for his burglar alarm company. The aforesaid is an alleged hypothetical assumption without any proof.

Some time between 1987-1988 Bob had a problem with an IRS agent based in San Francisco where the agent hung up the phone on Bob during a contentious moment before Bob was finished with the phone call. Anyway, without going into great detail about the controversial incident, President Ronald Reagan heard about the incident. Afterwards, President Ronald Reagan scolded IRS employees on live television telling them to start being nicer to the taxpayers. After the controversial event was over, about a month later IRS agents were required for the first time in history to provide customers with an ID number when IRS employees first answer a phone call.

The 1980s were full of strange happenings for Bob, however things got even stranger in the 90s. Between 1989 and 1990 a girlfriend who was a wonderful beautiful eccentric person who was a former high fashion model, an astrologer, and a typesetter introduced Bob to several physicists. After meeting the physicists Bob knew at that point he needed to start studying physics. Besides the lady providing relentless support for Bob's ideas, Bob was taught by her how to use everything from computers, to typesetting machines, fax machines, scanners and eventually the Internet, and even how to build websites.

Bob's girlfriend would constantly tell Bob about the ghosts she had seen in the past. She even mentioned she had once seen a Sasquatch sitting on top of a house of hers when she lived out in the woods someplace. Bob told her that he would love to see something like that. She was very supportive and said one day he was going to see something. We'll, she was not kidding around when she said that because eventually in 1991 Bob saw several strange sightings. There was something about that woman that those ghosts loved, but not the dead type of ghosts though, because they were most likely aliens from someplace else besides here on our planet.

The sightings are what kept Bob interested in studying physics. Without them Bob may have given up on his studies. Without any formal education in science Bob knew he had a difficult task ahead of himself. Bob at that point in time had extensive experience in electricity, electronics and engineering. Bob was very good at electrical design and he could even draw electrical plans from scratch just as if they were done by a licensed electrical engineer. The main reason Bob stayed with his studies in physics is because of his wish of becoming immortal here on planet Earth since a young age. The way Bob looked at it back then is that he had nothing to lose if he gave it a try. Bob knew we all are going to die someday, but why not make a copy of his mind with all of its detailed information like stock video footage and store it in a memory bank or database, or whatever one wishes to call it. Bob figured it couldn't be that hard to do, nor would it be impossible to do someday.

So, in 1991 Bob created what he called tabūla mentis theory. After visiting the Los Angeles Central Library in downtown Los Angeles, California and consulting with a librarian who specialized in the language of Latin Bob came up with the term tabūla mentis in which the word tabūla stands for tablet, slate, board or plank, and the word mentis stands for mind. The tabūla mentis is where all thoughts are processed and where much of the long-term visual memory is stored. Back in the early 90s Bob knew the tabūla mentis was located somewhere in the brain, but at the time he did not know exactly where it was located. One thing he did know back then was that the visual cortex was not the location where visual information was processed contrary to what medical illustrations show. The reason he knew that was because after looking at illustrations of the brain he knew the brain wiring going from the eyes to the visual cortex was not properly sized to handle the required load of information, electrically speaking, which was quite obvious to him at the time. Furthermore, there are electrical junctions in the thalami between the eyes and visual cortex which raised even more suspicion.

Tabūla Mentis Mind Slates (Tablets of the Mind)

Enlarged multi-layered 3D tubular and 2D flat tabūla mentis betacules.
Note 1: Each Planck length square area (2D betas) is similar to rasterization in a video display.
Note 2: Alpha vectors are the lines between and the specialized areas within the 2D betas.
Note 3: 2D beta particles are not the same as 3D beta particles.

The tabūla mentis is basically a two-dimensional structure that can be either flat or curved. In physics 2D flat surfaces are referred to as being either bosonic or anyonic, and 2D curved surfaces are or should be referred to as being fermionic. 2D materials will be the future of electronics. As a matter of fact, all innovations in the short future will be based on 2D technologies instead of 3D. The secret to achieving immortality here on planet Earth is quantum teleportation machines (quantum copy machines) which can clone and replicate anything from humans, food, clothing, homes, cars, gold, etc. in exact detail. In order for the quantum teleportation machines to work we will need to work with things that are very small down to sizes between the minus 17th to minus 35th power of ten. Plus, there is something called the no-cloning theorem that will need to be defeated first before we will be able to make quantum copies of peoples minds. And that is it. No magic wands or Jesus returning to Earth will be required. It is just that simple, although working with those very small sizes and defeating the no-cloning theorem will not be an easy task.

Quarks and Leptons
Contrary to what most physicists say, Robert Franklin theorizes quarks and leptons are divisible.

1D Alpha vectors and 2D beta particles inside quarks and leptons.
Note 1: The invisible lines between and within the 2D betas are the 1D alpha vectors.
Note 2: The square areas are the 2D betas.
Note 3: Around the year 2040 physicists will discover quarks and leptons are not indivisible.
Note 4: The discovery of 2D betas will be as significant as the discovery of electricity enabling preatomic betatricity and betatronics.
Note 5: Humans will need to be able to work with and see ultrasmall sizes where the 2D beta particles dwell.

The good news for those who wish to be immortal here on planet Earth and to be in great health is that the innovations needed to make it happen are only about twenty-five to thirty years away, plus-minus five years. Quantum scanners of the future such as teleportation machines and related cloning devices will be able to scan the entire body, but most importantly they will scan the mind, and retain the information for future use. Another advantage is why go to school or read a book when all a person has to do is upload the information directly into one's brain, or into an encryptable neural implant with expanded memory capacity. Besides achieving immortality here on planet Earth, flying saucer technology could happen as soon as 2035-2040 because gravity is stored in tiny little 2D packets called gravitons just like individual bits of memory are individually stored in 2D packets that Bob calls "2D betas." Tabūla mentis theory is based on what is called 2D lensless technology which is strictly photonic which means the technology uses only light in the form of massless photons without any matter involved in the form of electrons, positrons, etc..

Possible locations for Tabūla Mentises within the Human Brain


In 1991 Bob wasted no time in applying his newfound tabūla mentis theory to Frank Jr. the robot he first created back in 1984. During the 1980s Bob knew Frank Jr. was never going to go anywhere without artificial intelligence that could compete with humans. So, in 1991 Bob upgraded Frank Jr. into an experimental preproduction prototype with a tabūla mentis brain and with a tabūla mentis wireless remote/slave computer that could be detached from the front of Frank Jr.. It must be noted that Frank Jr. never made it off the drawing board because trying to do so would have been absolutely cost prohibitive at that point in time, and even today it would be cost prohibitive if one were to include artificial intelligence that is capable of competing with humans. As a result, Bob was a forerunner in a small way in using the words tablet and slate for computers. In the year 2000 Microsoft Corporation was credited with first coining the word tablet for its prototype tablet PC.

The interesting thing about Bob creating tabūla mentis theory back in 1991 was a year later the playwright Thomas Althouse claimed his 1992 screenplay The Immortals had many similarities to the 1999 sci-fi action film The Matrix which coincidentally has some resemblance to the Metapeople by Bob Franklin. In 2013 Bob began using the name Metapeople for quantum copied humanoids. Before then it was only robots called Frank. In 1992 Bob was working on a futuristic children's book titled The Little Big Bang Theory that was about immortality and other things featuring different types of deities. The Metapeople are Bob's version of humanoids who will be recreated by quantum copy machines like you may have seen in Star Trek, except with Bob's quantum teleportation machine design people do not disappear when they are quantum teleported because they are scanned only. When people are quantum teleported a new metaperson body is given to them per their requirements with their memory preloaded inside the Metapeople humanoids when they instantly appear at their predetermined destination. What has just been said is a deviation from the no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics and is considered impossible.

Or Upload Your Mind Into One Of These Humaniods

The Metapeople Humanoid Avatars

An interesting tidbit of information about Frank Jr. is that it was first conceived in 1984 and redesigned in 1991 making it the first Teletubbies
when the tabūla mentis tablet/slave computer remote with video display was added to Frank Jr. in 1991. In 1997 the popular TV show Teletubbies was introduced with a video display mounted on their chest/tummy very similar to Frank Jr.. Another interesting bit of information is around 1995 the late actor, comedian and director Penny Marshall, a former burglar alarm customer of Bob's alarm company Franklin Security Systems, appeared to like the idea of alphatrons when she introduced a new logo for Big Kmart that was similar to Bob's alphatron design illustrated below that Bob created during the 1990s that looks very similar to a well-defined serpentine shaped single-tail comet.

Since the 1970s people would sometimes call Bob "Big Boy" as a nickname. Penny Marshall also produced a movie in 1988 called Big. Penny and Bob were very fond of each other and she called Bob several times in the early 1980s after she divorced her husband actor, comedian and director Rob Reiner. At the time Bob thought Penny was calling him about business. However, after Penny's death in 2018 Bob suddenly realized she had more than a business interest in him. In the late 1970s actor, comedian Goldie Hawn, a former electrical customer of Bob, had also called Bob once or twice after she divorced her husband Bill Hudson, however again Bob thought Goldie was calling Bob for business as he also thought with Penny Marshall. Like one woman recently told Bob, boys can be very dumb at times. It never crossed Bob's mind at the time that Hollywood movie stars were considering Bob to be their consort.

Around 1995 Bob first started using the word supercube
for a self-contained gravity powered spacecraft that can range in size from small to very large. When Bob first created the supercube idea in 1992 he had several different names for the cube shaped structure, like for instance, the titles superbetacule, suprbetacube and betatron. Around 1995 Bob retitled the cube shaped structure a supercube. Around 1997 the wife of an artist who was going to work for Bob informed Bob that the supercube idea was similar to the new Jerusalem flying machine (a satellite of Heaven) mentioned in the Christian Bible in the book of Revelation/Apocalypse 21.16 which was a total surprise to Bob. In 2007 the word supercube coincidentally, but not related to Bob's supercube, appeared in the 2007 novel Before Dishonor by Peter David that was subsequently used in the Star Trek series to replace the word cube and hive used by the Borg.

The Little Bang

2D/3D Supercube/Metatron's Cube

Since 1991 Bob has been writing a physics book titled Infinite Cold Energy to explain from where we originated and how to achieve immortality here on planet Earth. At the same time Bob was looking for a supplemental book that would have a semi-related storyline based on what could be an action-based novel and movie script that subsequently led to the creation of the novel Metapeople 2044. In the Metapeople 2044 novel, once humanity reaches the quantum teleportation age, the storyline of Metapeople humanoids enter the scene. The novel Metapeople 2044 advances George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four to the next level utilizing Bob's "mind slate" technology based on tabūla mentis theory.

Bob to this day is absolutely amazed by the coincidence between his own life, his theories and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel. For Bob the coincidence is a real-life experience, for everyone else the storyline is strictly a sequel to a novel. Near the end of the Metapeople 2044 novel there are several new scenes about us all being the protectant of planet Earth. As time goes on the Metapeople gain powers to become superheros. However, it cannot be understated that the 2040s are going to be a difficult time as humans gradually evolve into humanoids. Future novels will involve 1D alphatron technology and zero-dimensional (0D) metatron technology written by Bob.


The Itty-Bitty Bangs

Do Metatrons in the zeroth dimension (0D) of space actually exist?
If not, then how else could have Metatron created Metatron's Cube illustrated above?

Bob's life has had its fair share of suspense involving his quest to achieve immortality here on planet Earth. At times Bob's life has been a bit like the 1998 drama/mystery Enemy of the State starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman. Stories about being followed and eavesdropped on go back to the 1960s. People following Bob may have begun with family members tracking Bob after he ran away from home at the age of sixteen or Bob may have been followed by some sort of deep state group after Bob was given an IQ test at the age of twelve in which Bob had a very high score. In any event, Bob has always been a very inquisitive individual with lots of ideas that may have attracted certain types of people.

Once the events began in the early 1980s involving the City of Los Angeles, Bob knew his phone lines may have been tapped, but Bob never considered interior eavesdropping devices. Years later Bob figured his home may possibly be monitored inside with microphones. In 1987 the day of the Whittier Narrows earthquake in California an LAPD helicopter followed Bob around town as if they thought Bob may have created the earthquake. After Bob started creating physics theories between 1990-1991 Bob sometimes noticed that he was being following by men in dark suits in dark color unmarked cars. Around the same time LAPD helicopters would circle Bob's home on a regular basis and even follow him around town. In 1997 Bob discovered a camera was watching his house from across the driveway hidden behind the curtains in an apartment building apartment. Bob figured the camera was connected to the Internet so people could watch him go in and out of his home for entertainment, or for government surveillance.

In 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York and elsewhere Bob discovered his home actually did have eavesdropping devices inside after accidentally having a two-way conversation with a news reporter in New York while they were on live TV. A few months later Bob discovered there were tracking devices in his vehicle in which people could listen to conversations inside his vehicle while tracking his location at all times. Besides having LAPD helicopters periodically following Bob and circling his home, Bob had an unmarked dark shiny green helicopter watching him when he was way out in the country in Tennessee after visiting his parents in Ohio in 2002. When returning home Bob drove down south through Kentucky and then through Tennessee so he could look at a home where he use to live. While in Tennessee Bob stopped off way out in the boonies away from everything. After being parked for only a few minutes to have a rest, Bob heard a helicopter noise like the LAPD helicopters would sound. Sure enough, it was a White House helicopter watching Bob peaking over the trees using its tracking ball with camera above the main rotor. The helicopter was dark shiny green without any identifying numbers or markers. The only branch of the US government that uses that type of helicopter is the President in the White House. Then when Bob placed a towel over the window to block the view of the aircraft it then rose up from behind the trees, came over and lowered itself in front of Bob's vehicle about a hundred feet away. Bob then quickly turned on his vehicle and drove away in a hurry out of frustration. See Bob's webpage titled Eavesdropping Stories for more information.

All while writing part of this webpage, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition won a lawsuit against the LAPD on December 9th 2019 for the LAPDs illegal spying tactics.

Besides having all of the aforementioned experiences, the most fascinating thing that Bob experienced were the ghost sightings, except the ghosts that Bob saw were not the dead type of ghosts, for they were either people or things, but not dead. It all started in 1991 when Bob began to zero in on what he calls alphatron theory and the study of faster-than-light technologies. It seems those ETs are interested in how to travel faster-than-light beyond ten times the speed of light and they are also interested in alphatrons. The first thing Bob saw was sort of strange because the object did not look anything like a person and looked more like a dark storm cloud about the size of a medium oblong shaped watermelon lingering around in the corner of Bob's bedroom. The object was in different shades of gray with the cloud-like object moving about as clouds do when the wind is blowing forcefully. After Bob saw the anomaly he immediately left the room and when he returned a few minutes later, it was gone.


The Teeny-Weeny Bang

1D Faster-than-light Alphatron/The Holy Ghost or Satan

A few days later Bob saw what he calls an alphatron flying around him at a slow rate of speed in a counterclockwise direction that looked somewhat like a thin miniature well-defined single tail comet around twenty-seven inches in length. The event lasted for about two minutes while Bob sat in front of the computer looking at the sighting. Bob was not afraid of the sighting because he had been working on the theory of alphatrons for several months and he knew it would be foolish to do anything but to just sit there, and to thoroughly study the halo-like sighting. Years later after much research Bob realized the alphatron he saw was the one and only Holy Ghost. Incidentally, Bob later learned the Holy Ghost is a female after doing much research into the subject. In addition, Satan the subtle serpent is also an alphatron, but Satan is not able to fly at the moment because he has been grounded since his demise in the Garden of Eden a long time ago.

A few days after seeing the alphatron Bob noticed three ghostlike figures standing around Bob's bed. They were tall like humans, but with thin skinny bodies. All three of them looked the same in appearance and all three of them looked to be males. They were semi-transparent and Bob was looking through them at first. Their bodies were outlined in massless light. Bob was not able to see exactly what they looked like because they appeared very faintly. As soon as the three ghost-like figures noticed Bob was looking at them they instantly disappeared which is different from how the people who are quantum teleported around in Star Trek. In Star Trek the people gradually fade in and out, but what Bob witnessed was they disappeared instantly. So, in that case, Bob assumed the three individuals were being quantum teleported from a spacecraft somewhere close by in outer space like Star Trek would quantum teleport people, or they may have been close by in a parallel (alternate) universe which may mean we might be living in a multiverse.

A couple months later Bob noticed a man was directly in front of Bob about two feet away. The man looked just about like the person who is illustrated in the "Big Brother is Watching You" poster that is illustrated below. That person, whoever he was and from wherever he was from, had been watching Bob for a short period of time. Bob did not notice him at first because Bob was looking right through him while sitting on the bed looking at the wall thinking about something. Once Bob noticed there was something between him and the wall, then Bob noticed there was a ghost-like man in front of him. Bob could only see the man from his neck up. The man's image was outlined in light and the person was massless, not materialistic, to where a person would not be able to physically touch him. Once the ghost-like person eyes moved from looking at Bob's forehead and noticed Bob was staring straight at him he instantly disappeared. Bob figures the man was using a quantum teleportation machine that wrapped around his head and neck only to teleport him around places. Who that person was is anyone's guess. Maybe he was God?


The dystopian novel Metapeople 2044 by Robert Franklin.

In 2006 Bob was diagnosed via a chest CT scan to have the fatal lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) that currently has no cure. Most people with the disease die within 3 to 5 years after diagnosis. Bob most likely had the disease several years before being diagnosed in 2006. In 2014 two treatments for IPF were introduced that can extend a person's life expectancy from anywhere between 5 to 12.5 years. Only 20 to 25% of people with IPF live beyond 10 years with most of them dying within 12.5 years. The longest a person has lived with IPF is recorded at 17 years per one doctor's report. In 2019 Bob was again diagnosed via another chest CT scan to have IPF. In 2020 Bob started taking the drug Ofev (nintedanib) 150 mg twice daily to increase Bob's life expectancy from 3 to up to 12.5 years. Besides taking Ofev, Bob is also taking the food supplements vitamin D3 and omega 3 that have been reported in pulmonary fibrosis news articles that may possibly slow down the progression of IPF. Since the 1970s Bob has been taking daily food supplements, including vitamin A fish liver oil 10,000 IU. Besides that, Bob is also taking the natural compounds curcumin and resveratrol that are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, in early 2024 Bob started taking the food supplement NAD+ that has similarities to zinc and what is called Zip 8 that are speculated to reverse the damage caused by IPF (note: take the correct amount of zinc daily). Statins are another drug that Bob has been using for years for plague in the aorta artery. A recent article titled Association between statin use and the risk for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis says that taking statins will slow the progression of IPF. Finally, in December 2023 Bob took a special genetic test to see if he had the TOLLIP gene that only 1 in 4 people have in which Bob tested positive for the gene. Because Bob tested positive for the TOLLIP gene he is now taking the food supplement NAC 600 mg 3 times daily that may slow down the progression of IPF by up to seven-fold (note: people who do not have the TOLLIP gene, do not take NAC). In addition, a company called Endeavor BioMedicines has a promising experimental drug called Taladegib (ENV-101) that will be in a Phase 2b study later in 2024. It is expected that Endeavor BioMedicines will enter Phase 3 studies in 2025 and the drug Taladegib may be made available for sale one to three years later. In closing, it is a miracle that Bob is still alive. Bob should have died from IPF back in the 2000s after having IPF for more than twenty years possibly making Bob the world's longest surviving person with IPF. Bob is still very active today riding a bike 4 miles a day and doing daily calisthenics to stay healthy. In Bob's opinion, at the age of 70, he is hopefully decades away from dying from IPF or from any other disease. Did the Holy Ghost sighting back in 1991 or any of the other sightings listed above have anything to do with Bob's survival? Well again, that is anyone's guess! Or maybe it has to do with just good old genes and a positive future outlook on life?


The Big Bang

Our 3D Universe

The physics book Infinite Cold Energy by Robert Franklin is based on the
 Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory which is a unique theory created by Robert Franklin.

   Bob's Vision of the Future
(the below listed dates are accurate within plus-minus five years)
New technologies to arrive by the year 2029
Computer processors will exceed the speed of the human thinking process.
New technologies to arrive by the year 2035
The second quantum revolution begins.
Practical quantum computers are introduced.
Quantum artificial intelligence is introduced.
Computer processors that operate at the speed of light are introduced.
New technologies to arrive in the year 2040s
The Beta Age begins.
Physicists will discover quarks and leptons are not indivisible.**
**Physicists will discover quarks and leptons are made from 1D alpha vectors and 2D betas.
Humans create preatomic betatricity and betatronics.***
***The discovery of 2D betas will be as significant as the discovery of electricity.

Humans create first-generation flying saucers.
Fusion power generators become possible.
H2O water-fuelled engines and fuel cells become possible.
Electric jets with superconductor fan blades become possible.
Gamma ray lasers (grasers) become possible.
Preatomic nuclear bombs and weapons become possible.
Cures and treatments for most diseases become possible.
First-generation quantum copy machines will create inanimate materials.
The year 2044

World war three may begin.
A period of great tribulation may last for seven years where billions of people could die.

Note: Massive job layoffs will lead to deflation, much less tax revenues, social programs and pensions
will go bankrupt, governments will default on debts, quantum copy machines will create gold,
precious metals, and gems that will collapse government monetary systems, crude oil
and coal will become near worthless, governments will tax properties, savings
and assets to repay debts, passwords will no longer be protected
against hackers, peoples' private thoughts will no longer be
private and quantum copy machines will create weapons
of all types leading to wars worldwide.

New technologies to arrive by the year 2051
The Millennial Kingdom begins.
Humans begin to evolve into humanoids.
Second-generation quantum copy machines will create animate materials.

Humans create tabula mentis technology enabling immortality on Earth.
Humans are able to quantum teleportate themselves.
Humans are able to travel to parallel universes.
Humans create space travel up to ten times the speed of light.
Humans create second-generation quantum gravity space machines.
Flying vacuums and garbage vessels will clean the atmosphere.
New technologies to arrive by the year 3000

World war four may begin.
The Millennial Kingdom comes to an end.
Humans create alphatricity and alphatronics.
Humans create one-dimensional faster-than-light alpha vector technology.

Humans create alphatron technology.
Note 1: After humans create alphatron technology Jesus the Messiah will return to take
believers back to Heaven.
Note 2: After believers are safe in Heaven God will unleash Satan from the depths of Hell.

New technologies to arrive by the year 5000
Humans left behind may create zero-dimensional meta technology, if allowed.


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