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The Decahedron Album
Ten Years ● Ten Songs ● Ten Faces




Music by Bob Franklin

Click on the below links listed in bold color to listen to the nearly completed demo songs by Bob Franklin.
All of songs listed below still require some rewriting, new arrangements, key-tempo changes,
rerecording and final mix.

Demo songs within the Decahedron Album**


 I Need Your Love.
Morning Singer.* (available now at CDbaby)
Love That Rock'n' Music.
Franklinstein.* (NEW RELEASE available now at CDbaby)
I'm a Singer.
 Wanna Feel Your Heat
 Gettin' Away.
Loving You.
 It's Over.

*Available at most music download sites.



Totem Pole History: A young lady and her friend drew the image back in the mid-1980s. The totem pole was going to be placed on the cover of the Decahedron album I was working on back in the 80s because the album like the artwork had ten (10) sides, faces and songs, and it also took ten years (1975-1985) for me to write all of the songs for the album. Also back then when I was younger it was going to be a TEN, like as in successful with a little bit of a hint towards the 1979 movie "10." Back in those days many moons ago I was thinking about animating the totem pole so the eyes and mouths would move, and sing along with the songs making faces in-between here, and there. I think all of that would have been really awesome. Who knows, maybe I will rerecord the songs someday even though I am getting to be an old man? Maybe someone will like one of the tunes and wish to record it? Most people like the song It's Over which I rerecorded back in 1999, but for some unknown reason the music arrangement, tempo or key did not favor my voice. I personally like Wanna Feel Your Heat the most. It also sounds real good as a rockabilly tune. One time when I was in my twenties I sang the song and played the guitar to two ladies with a few of the words changed, and those two ladies darn near almost raped me afterwards like as if it was straight out of an Elvis Presley movie. I have started writing a new song that should favor my voice of today. Hopefully I finish the song before my voice changes again! Since the 1970s my voice has changed five or six times. Back in 1983 I could sing an earlier version of the song Gettin' Away almost a whole octave higher. It blew a lot of peoples' minds because they could not believe it was me singing the song.

So what prevented all of that from happening? Was it because of my research work into robots and artificial intelligence way back then? If so, then some people may want to do research into the mental illness called the
Frankenstein Complex because in about ten years from now things are really going to start popping in that field of innovation. Those resistant individuals who are still alive today may also want to see my Timeline regarding future innovations. I enjoy telling the naysayers that it is going to be worse and will happen sooner than they think. I started warning people back in 1991 to prepare for the future, but most people do not care about what is going to happen in sixty years. Back in 1991 the U.S. was around $3.5 trillion in debt. Now we are almost $22 trillion in debt and growing, plus add about another $190 trillion in unfunded liabilities. It appears the gunrunners and warmongers are the main force behind destroying our future! Again, I am warning people that all hell will begin to break loose in about twenty to twenty-five years from now! Are you ready? If you like what is going on today in Israel, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc., then you are going to love the forthcoming future here in America. Sorry about being negative, but you people need to get with it!

"A political promise to do something 40 years from now is universally ignored because everyone knows that's meaningless." Al Gore, 07/17/08 AP News article: "Gore sets energy goal for next president to heed."

"If we do not plan in advance, then WWIII could sneak-up on us all and catch us with our pants down." Robert Franklin, response to Al Gore's 07/17/08 AP News article.

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