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Credits & History about Bob Franklin


Bob when three (Big Boy)


  1953, March 29, 03:33 PM: Bob Franklin is born in Montgomery County Hospital, Dayton, Ohio.

1963: Bob Franklin and his friend Phil in Columbus, Ohio manufactured custom skateboards in Bob's parents garage, and sold them to a small store located in the 600 block west side of High Street in Worthington, Ohio for several months. Note: The idea of skateboards originally began in Southern California by surfboarders along the coast in the late 1950s.

1965: First Place in the Cubs Scouts Pinewood Derby, Sharon Elementary School, Foster Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Prize: Trophy.

1965: First Place in the Columbus Dispatcher regional paperboy new customer sales contest.
Prize: Weekend trip: visit the Fort Knox Army Base and have lunch at military mess hall, overnight stay at the Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky and see the outside of the United States Bullion Depository, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

1963, 64 or 65: Interviewed by country singer Jimmy Dean on a local TV show at the Ohio State Fair.
Link missing.

1972 or 73 contestant on The Dating Game Show.
Link missing.

1973: Bob was in a street fight with one of the Marlboro Men models/actors in a dispute over a partnership.

Back to the Future "I hate manure": Bob's birth name is Robert Franklin Menear. In 1975 Bob stopped using his last name. Since a young age people have called Bob Menear "manure" as a joke. BTW, be careful about calling those Menears' "manure" because the Chairman, CEO and President of Home Depot is Craig Menear. Further explanation pending.
Note: The aforesaid is an alleged hypothetical assumption without any proof.

1975-1984: Wrote ten songs.

1975 or 76: Escort to the Queen of the Artists and Models Ball located at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, California.

1975-2014: Owner of Bob Franklin Electric, California State Contractors License No.: 310093.
(worked for numerous famous Hollywood movie stars, musicians, singers, comedians, writers, directors, politicians, etc.)

1977: Franklin Security Systems was incorporated in California.

1977: Franklin Signal Corporation was incorporated in California.

1977: Franklin Security Systems (renamed Tabūla Mentis in 1991) began using and installing microcomputers in the form of digital programmers-communicators manufactured by Franklin Signal Corporation in Clear Lake, Wisconsin that led to experimenting with robotics, artificial intelligence, artificial minds, and wireless tablets-slate remote control computers in the 1980s. Note: Microsoft
began in 1975 two years before Franklin Security Systems and Apple began in 1976 one year before Franklin Security Systems.

1977-1990: President of Franklin Security Systems, California State Alarm Company License No.: LA001984.
(worked for numerous famous Hollywood movie stars, musicians, singers, comedians, writers, directors, politicians, etc.)

1979: Used the name "Volt" for an experimental electric pickup truck. Related link.

1981: City of Los Angeles Hardwired Smoke Alarm Permit Fee Increase: In 1981 when Bob changed the title of a 1977 religious song originally inspired by the song Dust In the Wind by Kansas from "We Can Live Forever" to Franklinstein the City of Los Angeles city counsel passed an emergency ordinance increasing the fee for hardwired smoke alarms by seventeen-fold. Bob's company Franklin Security Systems lost $65,000.00 due to the sudden change
. Further explanation pending.

1980-1990s movies and songs by other writers/recording artists inspired in part by yours truly?:
Note 1: The below with an asterisk afterwards are an alleged hypothetical assumption without any proof.
Note 2: As Bob discovers and remembers more connections they will be posted below.

● 1980 ‒ Supertramp: Take the long way home
● 1983-1995 ‒ Animotion: Obsession. Several of the band members of Animotion did some musical and production work for Bob prior to, and after Animotion became successful. If you listen closely it is difficult to tell if the word "but" or "Bob" is being mentioned in the song Obsession. Bob took an original CD copy of the song into a professional recording studio and carefully played it over back, and forth, and could not tell which word was being used. By the time
Super Bowl XIX had aired on Sunday January 20, 1985 Animotion's song Obsession was #5 on worldwide charts and had stayed there for weeks, if not for months.
● 1984 ‒ Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane.* Song by Bob titled Love That Rock'n' Music has a hurricane sound in the intro created by Ann, a girlfriend of Bill Wadhams. Bill Wadhams is the lead male vocalist for the band Animotion. Back then Bob also worked for the Scorpions PR manager Norman Winter. Further explanation pending.
● 1984-1985 ‒ Eddie Money called Bob asking for directions how to get to a popular Hollywood night club that he was going to be performing at later that day. Eddie mentioned he would give Bob free tickets for that night's performance if Bob would provide him with directions. Bob knowing he was being played jokingly told Eddie he did not need instructions from him for how to get to the club, so Eddie went on to say how he use to be a New York NYPD police officer before becoming a popular recording artist knowing Bob was in the armed burglar alarm company business. What that has to do with anything is up for debate?
● 1985 ‒ Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants To Rule The World.*
Further explanation pending.
1986 ‒ Peter Gabriel: Big Time.* The voice "Hi There" in the intro and at the ending sounds exactly like Bob's voice that may have been taken from Bob's business telephone answering machine or made to sound exactly like the intro from the answering machine. Further explanation pending.
● 1986-1987: George Harrison.* A song, possibly a promo song, about an Eskimo Indian inspired in part by the radio commercial titled Decahedreon. Link missing. Further explanation pending.
● 1987-1988: Grunts by Bob Franklin featured in a late-1980s rock song by a popular local band (name missing) from Southern California. Link missing. Further explanation pending.
● 1988 ‒ The movie Big directed by Penny Marshall.*
● 1999 ‒ The Matrix.* When Tabūla Mentis thesis was created in 1991 by Bob Franklin a year later playwright Thomas Althouse claimed his 1992 screenplay "The Immortals" had many similarities to the 1999 sci-fi action film "The Matrix" which coincidentally has an eerie resemblance to the Metapeople by Bob Franklin. The Metapeople humanoid thinking processes at the time were based on a preproduction lensless beta technology developed earlier back in 1991 by Bob that utilized realistic futuristic artificial intelligence technology (artificial brain) and practical mind uploading innovational ideas that would allow humans to accomplish immortality here on planet Earth by the year 2045. More recently Bob has been working on a new book series based on the Metapeople titled Twenty Forty-Four (2044) that advances George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) book to the next level utilizing Bob's mind slate technology.

1984: Introduced Frank
the Robot (Franklinstein).

1984 Season:
Super Bowl XIX TV commercials aired Sunday January 20, 1985 in Los Angeles. The Super Bowl XIX commercials that aired in Los Angeles were not funny; they were outright frightening! Further explanation pending.
Apple 1984 Commercial (first aired during Super Bowl XVIIII). P.S.: Wait until you see what is coming in 2044.
Bob's Big Boy Restaurant commercial: "Vote, should he stay or should he go." Link missing.
● Pacific Telephone commercial: "This talk about people becoming robots is a dead issue." Link missing.
Jimmy Swaggart Super Bowl XIX Sunday morning service: "This talk about people becoming robots is a dead issue." Link missing.

1984-1985: "Yeah, yeah that's right":
● Months before the below listed comedian started saying "Yeah, yeah that's right" Bob said the exact same thing in a recording studio while the tape was rolling. Bob thought what he had been trash talking about at the studio between recordings sounded pretty stupid so Bob said "Yeah, yeah that's right" to acknowledge the stupid statement. The recording studio engineer had a funny look on his face after Bob had made the statement.
● Years later Bob asked the following question at the website "Does anyone know what comedian made the catch phrase "Yeah, yeah that's right" popular in the mid 1980s?"
● Bob got the following response: "That was Barry Sobel. You may have seen him on "Bud Friedman's Comedy At the Improv." He was also in "Revenge Of the Nerds II." He had a particular set, which he dubbed "Fine." It had things like, "Yeah, yeah, that's right. There are white guys out there, with big d**ks. OK, fine!" He was a bit vulgar for my taste, but he had a modestly large following."
Note: The aforesaid is an alleged hypothetical assumption without any proof.

1987-1988: In response to the Super Bowl XIX TV commercials and Jimmy Swaggart's comments on Super Bowl Sunday Bob Franklin released the Franklinstein Radio Commercial that aired on radio stations around Los Angeles between 1987 through 1988 generally around Halloween. It was a very successful advertising campaign that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. The commercial was so well recorded that DJs would sometimes play the commercial for free complimented by many of the DJs who played the commercial.

1987-1988: IRS ‒ President Ronald Reagan connection. Further explanation pending.
Bob had a controversial problem with the IRS. See FBI Report #1, FBI Report #2, FBI Report #3.
● President Ronald Reagan scolded IRS employees on live television.
Link missing.
● After the controversy was resolved IRS phone call operators/employees were required to provide customers with an ID number when IRS employees first answer a phone call.

1988: Actor, comedian, director Penny Marshall, a former burglar alarm customer of Franklin Security Systems, directed the film Big
. Back in the 80s people were making a big deal about the title Big Boy in relation to Bob Franklin. Was there a connection? Penny also seemed to like the idea of alphatrons when she introduced a new logo for Big Kmart similar to the alphatron design during the 1990s. Was there a connection?

1990: Rumors were circulating that Johnny Carson was looking for an outsider like Bob Franklin to replace him on the Tonight Show. Rumors were also circulating that Jay Leno and David Letterman were very distraught over the idea. Johnny's secretary lived across Larrabee Street from Bob's office at the time. Bob did send a stupid letter to Johnny's office, but his office must have thought it was too stupid because the wording was practically sideways by the time Bob reached the end of the letter. Bob to this day is still very delighted that he was able to invest all of his time into doing research instead of making $30 million per year on the Tonight Show acting like a fool.

1991: Bob Franklin starts company
Tabūla Mentis to officially enter the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

1991: Used the name "tab
ūla" (tablet/slate) for an experimental wireless remote/slave computer and AI brain. As a result Bob was first to coin the words "tablet" and "slate" for computers. Related link.

Frank Jr. first conceived in 1984 by Bob Franklin may have been the first tele-ummy-baby created by Tabūla Mentis in 1991 prior to the Teletubbies that in began 1997 with a removable tablet/slate (tabūla in Latin) on its chest/tummy which was also most likely the first prototype tablet/slate computer 9 years before Microsoft's prototype tablet computer.

1991: Bob developed a thesis along with illustrations for a futuristic all-in-one "lensless" camera, display screen and spyglass. Bob's design may have been the first practical design of a modern-day
telescreen that is somewhat similar to the device described in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four "1984." Around June 03, 2013 Bell Labs invented a lensless camera and around June 22, 2017 Caltech developed another type of lensless camera. In both cases Bell Labs and Caltech used an illustration almost identical to what Bob had created decades earlier that shows the design for a combination lensless camera-display screen. Related link.

1991-2017: Wrote 300+ unique physics theses that can be found in Bob's upcoming book
I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy.

1995: In circa 1995
 Bob Franklin first used the word Supercube for his non-fiction combination science-religion illustration called The Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Model to help further explain the New Jerusalem (a satellite of Heaven) as mentioned in the Holy Bible Revelation/Apocalypse 21:16. Before then, Bob used the term superbetacube from his theses superbeta and superbetacule before changing it to Supercube. Twelve years later the word supercube appeared in the novel Before Dishonor by Peter David published October 30, 2007. In the novel Admiral Janeway is assimilated while exploring a supposedly "dead" Borg supercube and is later transformed into the Borg Queen. Prior to then the word Cube was used in the Star Trek series. The Borg is part of the Universal Studios (now CBS Studios) Star Trek series. Star Trek Borg are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc..
Bob Franklin is currently researching copyrighted material for proof as to when exactly the word supercube was first used by him. Artists working on the project in the Los Angeles area during the 90s were given the opportunity to see Bob's ideas and flyers were also handed out to individuals as he progressed on with his ideas throughout the years. Bob Franklin has no knowledge as to if Peter David was provided with the idea from someone associated with Bob, nor is Bob Franklin accusing Peter David of plagiarism. A girlfriend of Bob's (1989-1993) who was a typesetter, astrologer, publisher and a former high fashion model would do typesetting for scientists and for a person in particular who was a writer for the Star Trek
series. Bob noticed some of the terms he used for sci-fi weapons, etc. would sometimes appear in the Star Trek series TV shows. As a note, this subject about supercubes only serves as a point of interest in history and how it associates to religion, spacecraft, and so forth.

999: Did part of the idea for "SpongeBob SquarePants" have anything to do with Bob Franklin's lensless technology, Frank Jr. and Tabūla Mentis theory in connection with Thomas Althouse?

2001: Several days after 9/11 late a night Bob found himself having a two-way verbal conversation with a New York news reporter without talking to them on the phone. At that point Bob knew his house had illegal eavesdropping devices installed throughout his home.

2002: Bob found location in his vehicle where someone had placed an eavesdropping-tracking device. The device was most likely a cell phone with GPS that would call an toll-free number to would turn on while the vehicle was operating. Bob became suspicious and forewarned that he would search the vehicle for a tracking device and then when Bob searched the vehicle several weeks later he found that the device had been removed. A month later Bob discovered there was another tracking device in the vehicle when driving through Tennessee on a vacation trip after an unmarked US government helicopter lowered itself in front of Bob's vehicle. Related link: See photos of where device had been installed

2013: Bob Franklin incorporates the Delaware corporation
Tabūla Mentis Corporation on November 18, 2013.

2016: Bob Franklin began to use the letter
"R" for robots/robotics and "H" for humanoids after the plus (+) symbol in the abbreviation LGBTQIA+RH which stands for (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, plus (related communities), robots/robotics and humanoids).

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
is a registered trademark of Apple Inc..
is a trademark of Tabūla Mentis Corporation.

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